Real Time Exposure Management Using Ignite

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Apache Ignite is now a key component of JP Morgan Asset Management’s portfolio management system. In this high-level talk, Rich Spencer will explain how the increasing need in the finance world to apply transformations to large datasets in real-time led the team to select Ignite to achieve persistence, caching and integrated compute. Rich will then walk through the key functional and non-functional requirements for the engine being built and how this led to the key design principles that enabled the team to achieve sub-second calculation times across millions of data points.

Rich Spencer

JPMorgan Chase, Executive Director

Rich Spencer is an engineering manager in the Financial Services Industry with 20 years experience of building front office systems. He is currently the engineering lead on a large asset management project. He has previously worked as a developer, architect and project lead on numerous green-field and brown-field projects across multiple different domains within the finance world.

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