Architectural Vision using Ignite and Jboss Drools as foundation to support EDA and CEP Paradigms

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An architectural vision of the Omni Channel Digital-Service and Digital-Marketing Platform called Horus, implemented by Banco do Brasil for monitoring and serving more than twenty-two millions of digital customers accessing along a month. It has been combined two powerful system paradigms to implement the solution: Event-Oriented Architecture, which is an architectural pattern and Complex Event Processing, which is a processing pattern. It was also used the microservices architectural style to structure the business services. From this association emerged a scalable, resilient, and extremely efficient environment. After a lot of components evaluation, it was decided to use a mix of two powerful technologies to implement the solution: Apache Ignite and Jboos Drools. Several capabilities of Apache Ignite Core were implemented, among them: service grid, compute grid and In-Memory Data Grid. From the Drools framework was used the business rules engine, called drools expert, and the complex event processing features, called drools fusion.

Ney Luiz Montes Junior

Banco do Brasil Solutions Architect

Ney Luiz is a Solutions Architect at Banco do Brasil S.A. too, where he has worked since 2010 and is responsible for proposing software and solutions architectures. His challenge is to choose the best patterns to provide reference architectures and codes to be used by the developers and engineers. They are building applications using microservices architectures, based on computing and in-memory data grid, targeting to provide a dynamic environment with a capacity to support from simple solutions based on the request-response paradigm to complex event-based solutions.

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