Ask an Ignite Expert

One more reason to attend the June 14th, 2022 Ignite Summit live is that you can ask questions and receive answers. Apache Ignite Committers and experienced GridGain engineers will be available throughout the event at the "Ask an Ignite Expert" booth to answer any and all questions about the implementation and use of Apache Ignite.

June 14, 2022

At a time convenient for you, drop in and ask your Ignite questions
9:30 am PDT
12:30 pm EDT
5:30 pm BST

Meet Pavel Tupitsyn and ask him about .NET, Ignite thin client, integrations, and more.

Pavel Tupitsyn
10:30 am PDT
1:30 pm EDT
6:30 pm BST

If you are subscribed to the Apache Ignite user list or check Ignite questions on Stack Overflow, you for sure have met Stephen Darlington, GridGain engineer and dedicated community member who will answer questions about how to get started with Apache Ignite.

Stephen Darlington
11:30 am PDT
2:30 pm EDT
7:30 pm BST

Rohit Dharampal, senior consultant at GridGain, is a trainer at spring sessions. All Ignite questions are welcome.

Rohit Dharampal
1:30 pm PDT
4:30 pm EDT
9:30 pm BST

Join Apache Ignite Committer Andrey Alexandrov for answers to advanced Ignite questions.

Andrey Alexandrov
3:00 pm PDT
6:00 pm EDT
11:00 pm BST

Alexander Korenshteyn, Senior Software Engineer at GridGain will answer your Ignite questions.

Andrey Alexandrov

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