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Did you get a chance to “Ask an Expert” at this year’s Ignite Summit? We had experienced developers and other Apache Ignite professionals live and on hand to answer the community’s questions in real-time. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of resources available to help you over any stumbling blocks.

Head to the Apache Ignite website for more information.

June 6

At a time convenient for you, drop in and ask your Ignite questions.
03:00 PM GMT
04:00 PM BST
08:00 AM PDT

Pavel Tupitsyn is an Apache Ignite PMC member and the maintainer of the .Net module. He is currently working on Ignite clients and integrations.

Pavel Tupitsyn
04:00 PM GMT
05:00 PM BST
09:00 AM PDT

Anton Kurbanov works every day with Apache Ignite and GridGain installations of various sizes. He is also a trainer and the author of Apache Ignite Compute Grid.

Anton Kurbanov
05:10 PM GMT
06:10 PM BST
10:10 AM PDT

Alexander Korenshteyn, Senior Software Engineer at GridGain, will answer all your Ignite questions and quandaries. Alexander has ten years of experience with distributed systems and has spent the last four years working with Apache Ignite and GridGain installations.

Alexander Korenshteyn

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