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A Double Victory: Fast Retrieval of Data From Ignite In-Memory Cache and Reduce Load on Classical DB

This Apache Ignite-based solution (built on the GridGain platform) helped Mediobanca's front office trading business design, build, and deliver a fast-loading high-performance app without touching the existing infrastructure. With in-memory caching, they have improved the overall performance of other pricing applications, as well as the applications used in middle office and back office, by reducing the network traffic and load on their traditional database. Their traders, quants, and top-level managers could instantly track the price of various assets in a highly volatile market, giving them a significant advantage over their competitors.

Mirko Cambi

Mirko Cambi

Executive Director at Mediobanca S.p.A

Mirko Cambi has a strong background in C++ programming, with particular attention to the code's safety, structure, and performance issues. He worked both in multithreaded and grid computing. Mirko is interested in massively parallel computing through the use of GPU. Lately, he has developed some projects that create user interfaces via HTML5.

Justin Mathew

Justin Mathew

Quant developer(VP) at Mediobanca S.p.A.

Justin is an experienced who has worked in investment bank front office and technology industry for over 15 years, involved in all stages of product life-cycle, including design, implementation, deployment, maintenance, and support, with a principal focus on C#, C++, and Python.

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