Deploying Apache Ignite in the Cloud. Checklist

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Cloud deployment of a distributed system is not an easy task. Should that be a single StatefulSet or multiple Deployments? How to restart the nodes gracefully? Where to place the clients? These are only a few of the decisions you need to make before deploying Apache Ignite in the cloud environment. In this session, Alexander will introduce some best practices for dealing with backups, disks, availability zones and deploying in Kubernetes (manually or using the operator). As a result, you will have an easy checklist for deploying your Ignite cluster in a public or private cloud.

Alexander Shapkin

Alexander Shapkin

GridGain Software Engineer

Alexander has 10 years in software development. He enjoys the idea of open source projects and he is a passionate Apache Ignite committer. Alexander is especially interested in Kubernetes and keen on studying, as well as sharing, best practices on databases.

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