Building Cloud Native 5G Networks Functions with Apache Ignite

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The 5G network has arrived! So, we need a new architectural paradigm. In this presentation, Alain Guigui, the architect who drives HPE’s 5G projects, talks about requirements, achievements, and best practices--all developed and implemented with Apache Ignite. First, Alain explains that the paradigm must meet various, sometimes seemingly conflicting goals. For example, innovative use cases (such as remote surgery, augmented reality, and autonomous cars) must meet not only ultra-low latency and reliability requirements but also facilitate the adoption of a cloud native approach that promotes cost effectiveness, scalability, and automation. So, in the new paradigm, the network is built upon a set of slices, thus enabling functions to be deployed on demand within minutes, to be automatically configured with specific QoS parameters, and to fail and recover within seconds. Next, Alain notes that the paradigm’s functions must be not only stateless and distributed (as much as possible) but also reliant on ultra-reliable, high-performance backing services that provide a safe residence for subscribers and contextual data and that are available to users within milliseconds. Finally, Alain reviews the achievements of HPE Communications & Technologies Business Unit, which has developed the paradigm that we need, a paradigm in which Ignite plays a critical role.



Hewlett Packard Enterprise 5G Lead Architect

Alain Guigui is HPE 5G Lead Architect driving architecture of HPE’s 5G portfolio. He has 25 Years of experience within the Telco Industry where he has worked with multiple CSPs around the globe to design and deploy Carrier Grade solutions.

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