The Pragmatic Deployment Strategy for Multi-Cloud Architecture with Apache Ignite

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Multi-cloud deployments, with a mix of different public cloud providers, private clouds, and legacy on-premise services, are the reality of enterprise architecture. Integration of applications scattered across different regions and clouds is one of the key challenges of moving to the cloud. In this session, we will review how Apache Ignite can help to enable multi-cloud integration, what are the most robust patterns and implementation strategy, and what are the common pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Stanislav Lukyanov

Stanislav Lukyanov

GridGain Technical Director

Stanislav is one of a few Java experts who initially contributed to the Java Platform. Stanislav now works with distributed systems that are powered by Java. He mastered his knowledge about JVM internals, concurrency, and memory management while being a member of the Java Engineering group at Oracle for 3.5 years. Since 2017, Stanislav works at GridGain, where he applies his previous experience to architect and build highly concurrent systems that run on Apache Ignite and GridGain in-memory computing platforms.

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