Easy Scaling of Ignite Applications in Dynamic Kubernetes Environments

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Apache Ignite is a highly scalable platform. It enables users to run applications in dynamically changing environments such as Kubernetes. The number of user application instances that interact with an Ignite cluster can change continuously. The ability of Ignite to scale dynamically can lead to ineffective resource consumptions and bottlenecks. However, fortunately, we have eliminated this problem by optimizing Ignite for work in such cases and simplifying the configuration of user applications. In this talk, we discuss how to use highly scalable client pods to optimize performance in Kubernetes. Maxim begins with an overview of Ignite’s client types (thick and thin). Then, he discusses the features that make Ignite’s clients useful in scalable environments and the features that limit their performance. Finally, he demonstrates how to configure thin clients in Kubernetes.

Maksim Timonin

Maksim Timonin

SberTech Software Engineer

Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in building and maintaining complex backend systems. Worked on low latency, big data, and IoT projects. For the last two years have been participating in developing Apache Ignite components.

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