Ignite success story: How Ignite fuels the High throughput messaging in Sentienz Akiro

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Sentienz Akiro is a MQTT broker and a messaging platform for IoT and Media. Akiro is one of the few MQTT brokers in the world which can handle more than 10 Millions devices with a single cluster. Akiro today serves Millions of live IPTVs and IoT devices and scales to > 1Millions Requests per second. The scale of Akiro is largely attributed to Apache Ignite, since it forms the core of Akiro. Ignite was chosen after benchmarking various contenders in this space and it was a game changer for us. Ignite cache and Ignite sql is being used . The talk would mainly focus on high level architecture of Akiro with Ignite, main performance aspects of Ignite which helped Akiro scale. Some challenges faced earlier and how ignite helped solve them. Level of talk : Medium Time zone we live in: IST (GMT+5.5)

Ravi Teja Chilukuri

Sentienz CTO

Ravi Teja CTO of Sentienz, has been earlier with Flipkart, Paypal. Ravi Teja has been architecting and building internet scale distributed systems since a decade and now heading Akiro, internet scale messaging platform for IoT, Media. Ravi was an early contributor in Apache Yarn, Hadoop, Tez, Mapreduce.

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