Building a live geospatial analytics platform for construction productivity with Apache Ignite

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The construction world has been comparatively slow to take up IT solutions. That is no longer the case with construction designs rapidly becoming digital and which may be sent electronically to machine control enabled construction machines in the field. Those machines record their activities as the designs are built and provide that data to the TRex platform that enables analytics, rendering and reporting via a web based application. Apache Ignite forms a key infrastructure component of TRex. It supports real-time ingest of data from the field along with OLTP style analytics and queries against that data such as thematic tiling, volumes & cut/fill calculations, spatial profiling etc. In my presentation, I will introduce you to the architecture Trimble uses for the solution along with operation & deployment details such as working with Ignite on Kubernetes, AWS storage, and some monitoring solutions. As a summary, I will share some important tips I learned from my working with Ignite, such as ignite page sizes, node health, handling requests with large numbers of keys, etc.

Raymond Wilson

Trimble Distinguished Engineer

Raymond is a Solution Architect in the Connected Construction Software division of Trimble. Since joining Trimble in 1991, Raymond's career has seen him move from hand held data collector software, to DOS & Windows desktop software, to service platforms and web based applications across multiple divisions in Trimble in a range of roles. Raymond has been a solution architect for much of the last decade helping teams build systems with clean architecture, good technology selection and performant design for large scale telematics & productivity applications and platforms. A Next Gen software project to rebuild an application suite using an internally developed memory centric distributed database technology using modern tooling and practices led him to choose Apache Ignite as a replacement within the TRex platform aspect of that project.

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