Apache Ignite Troubleshooting and Monitoring, for App Developers

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When everything is running perfectly, Apache Ignite comes close to being a distributed computing nirvana where massive amounts of data are processed in memory in fractions of a second. But, what happens when things aren't running properly? Whether the issue is related to configuration, performance tuning, or resource allocation, monitoring and management tools can help us evaluate how our systems are running and identify where we can make improvements. In this demo-driven session, we look at how we set up GridGain Control Center dashboards to monitor the Ignite cluster’s essential metrics. We introduce a scenario where SQL queries are not running optimally and apply a step-by-step approach to detect, troubleshoot, and resolve the performance degradation of the queries. Come learn more about how a monitoring and management stack can enhance the performance and stability of Apache Ignite applications.

Greg Stachnick

GridGain Director of Cloud Product Management

Greg Stachnick is Director of Product Management at GridGain Systems focused on development tools and Cloud products. With over 15 years working in the developer productivity space, Greg enjoys learning about new frameworks and technologies while evangelizing best practices on software development and Devops. In his spare time, Greg enjoys cooking and travel.

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