Virtual Assistant integrated with financial transactions in the Digital-Service Platform

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I would like to show how we have implemented the integration of Virtual Assistant, NLP capability and financial transacions in the Omni Channel Digital-Service and Digital-Marketing Platform called Horus, implemented by Banco do Brasil based on Apache Ignite and JBoss Drools integration. The Virtual Assistant components is a set of microservices which uses Apache Ignite to trigger cognitive structure (NLP) through non-blocking HTTP requests, making it possible to execute financial transactions asynchronously (publish / subscribe) based on the conversation between customers and the Virtual Assistant according to the context.

Leonardo Volthier

Banco do Brasil Senior Software Developer

Leonardo is a Senior Software Developer currently at Capgemini serving at Banco do Brasil S.A. where he works with capacity development paradigm to complex event-based solutions with computing and also in-memory data grid, targeting to provide a dynamic environment. He is on the front line in implementing the integrated solution with AI, asynchronous financial transactions, and AsynRest/API transactions in the development team.

Wanderson Adriano Saraiva

Banco do Brasil Developer Analyst

Wanderson Adriano is a developer analyst at Banco do Brasil, where he have been working for more than 15 years, mainly in roles related to technology management and governance and in core banking systems development projects. Passionate about the Christian experience, highly committed to the continuous human evolution as a basis for the professional evolution of the team and the people around him.

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