Deploying Apache Ignite to the Cloud in Minutes: Lessons Learned from GridGain Nebula

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In this demo-driven session, we explore how GridGain Nebula, a new cloud-native fully-managed service for Apache Ignite, expedites the setup and deployment of the clusters to the cloud in minutes. We talk about cluster provisioning, connectivity, security, maintenance, and monitoring. We also share the Ignite best practices that we followed while developing Nebula and the advantages and disadvantages of those decisions such as whether to use containers or VMs, the value of standardized configurations, how to size CPU and memory, when to use persistence, how much storage to allocate, what security settings to apply, and how to configure the network.

Greg Stachnick

Greg Stachnick

GridGain Director of Cloud Product Management

Greg Stachnick is Director of Product Management at GridGain Systems focused on development tools and Cloud products. With over 15 years working in the developer productivity space, Greg enjoys learning about new frameworks and technologies while evangelizing best practices on software development and Devops. In his spare time, Greg enjoys cooking and travel.

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